Labradoodle Breed History

The term Labradoodle was first used by Donald Campbell in 1955 in his book, Into the Water Barrier, to describe his Labrador/Poodle cross. However, the use of a Labradoodle as a guide/service dog was not common until 1989, when Australian breeder Wally Conron introduced the cross-breed to the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia in Victoria.

Originally there were two primary breeds used to create the Labradoodle, the poodle and the Labrador. Over time, several other breeds were introduced to create a consistent non-shedding, low allergy, hypoallergenic dog now known as the multi generational Australian Labradoodle. When purchasing an Australian Labradoodle puppy, look for a breeder that participates in one of the 2 organizations, WALA or AALA, who are committed to The consistent, genetic and Long term perfection of this breed.
Australian Labradoodles are used around the world as guide, assistance, and in many instances are popular as therapy dogs as well as being exceptional family dogs.

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