Our Labradoodle Girls

Our multi generational Australian Labradoodle girls are simply the sweetest and most gentle you will find. With a family of five small children, all of our dogs get lots of love and attention as they are simply a part of our family! Due to the extensive testing that we do, we guarantee that our dogs are the best, in health, quality and genetics.

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Labradoodles of Montana Sweet As An Autumn Day
WALA# 00031084

Autumn is the family queen and rules the roost. She knows a lot of tricks, is outgoing, friendly and yet is super good with children and adults alike. Her soft fleece coat is non-shedding and easy to maintain.

SIZE: Mini Medium
COLOR: Sable
WEIGHT: 18 Pounds

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Labradoodles of Montana Dress Me In Lace
WALA# 00031079


Blessing has boundless energy and with her beautiful chocolate parti fleece coat she is a lover to all humans.

SIZE: Medium
COLOR: Chocolate Parti
WEIGHT: 28 Pounds

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Wickersham Farm Twilight Aurora Borealis
WALA# 00046312

Twilight is a beautiful caramel Australian Labradoodle with a white chest spot, hazel eyes and liver colored nose. Her soft fleece coat along with her outgoing and friendly personality are amazing. She loves everyone she meets and is not afraid to show it. Children are her specialty and she loves playing and running games with them whenever she gets a chance!

SIZE: Medium/Standard
COLOR: Caramel
WEIGHT: 45 Pounds


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WALA 00089938

Aspen is one of the most beautiful puppies we have produced here at Montana Haven. She lives with her guardian family and is a smart and beautiful as they come!

SIZE: Mini
COLOR: Phantom Sable
WEIGHT: 18 Pounds

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WALA 00077656

Penny is an adorable mini that lives with her guardian family. She loves to play, do tricks and has a beautiful fleece coat.

SIZE: Mini
COLOR: Apricot with white markings
WEIGHT: 18 Pounds

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