Frequently Asked Questions

Labradoodles are a unique breed and people have many questions they ask us about these amazing dogs. Below we have assembled a list of questions and answers to some of the more common topics people inquire about. If you have a question that is not addressed below or have a suggestion for an addition to the list, please contact us!

What is the Australian Labradoodles temperament like?

Australian Labradoodles are know for they’re intelligent, fun loving and sweet dispositions. All puppies have different personalities similar to people. Some tend to be more energetic and others may be more sedate. This breed is very focused on people pleasing so a lot of contact is important.

How big do Australian Labradoodles get?

They come in 3 sizes ranging from a Miniature to a standard size.
The miniatures are 15 to17 inches tall weighing from 20 to 30 pounds. Mediums from 18 to 21 inches tall, weighing from 30- 45 lbs and the standard sizes stand over 21 inches and generally weigh 50 pounds or more.

Should I spay/neuter?

This procedure is highly recommended for all puppies that are not intended for breeding. Not only does it not affect the growth and development of your puppy, it has shown to be helpful for avoiding certain cancers and of course unplanned pregnancies. We recommend this to be done by 12 months of age.
Another benefit to spay/neuter your puppy if it’s a boy is the lessening of needing to mark everything including the furniture! If a girl, it’s the spotting every 6 months on carpets and it takes a watchful eye to keep the neighborhood crowd at bay!

Is an Australian Labradoodle a good fit for young children?

Yes and yes! Our small children absolutely love our doodles and if we are gone for even a day they are homesick for doodle love! We have found them to be the most patient, gentle and loving little teddy bears with a heartbeat. That being said, it is of course important to guide your children in exercising gentleness when playing with your puppy as they are not invincible!

Should I crate train my puppy?

Crate training has worked very well for our house puppies. This also helps with getting a potty training routine. We keep our doodle in her crate at night and she’ll go outside first thing in the morning. She loves her crate and it only takes a command and she will gladly go inside. When we need to leave for a few hrs, this is her den and she enjoys it. As with any training, positive reinforcement is the key and always make it a pleasant experience when you put her inside.

Is it difficult to train an Australian Labradoodle?

In our experience, this breed of dogs are the easiest to train that we have found. As with any training, it takes consistency and firmness as they want to know their role and place in your family and thrive once they realize their place. We make every moment a training moment, and soon they will recognize that commands and repetitive words bring positive actions or negative consequences. Your puppy may train quickly or take a bit longer depending on its personality but be patient and with time they can be taught almost anything.

How long will my Labradoodle live?

As with most breeds, it depends much on nutrition, exercise and genetics. Typically a smaller dog will outlive a larger one and their lifespan is usually from 12-15 years. Our dogs come with a 3 year health guarantee if you feed them our recommended formula known as Life’s Abundance.

How important is grooming for my Australian Labradoodle?

Grooming your doodle is important since they have a non shedding coat. We regularly bathe our dogs and use a slicker brush to groom them. If left ungroomed, their coats can become matted and then they will need a haircut. The shorter the coat, the less maintenance is required.

Labradoodle Care

Tips and tricks for a happy, healthy, obedient and good lookin’ doodle.

Feeding Your Labradoodle

Good health for your Labradoodle starts with what you feed them. We feed our dogs Life’s Abundance, an all-natural human-grade dog food. We are not alone, this is a preferred dog food among Labradoodle breeders around the world…


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